A Minecraft Story : James’s life

Minecraft : The story of James

It was a very nice day, and James was in Minecraft. He had many friends. He was pretty popular and his skin was very nice. A npc came and told him:  “Do you want an adventure?” James said : “Sure ! Where do I start? The npc pointed with the nose at the village of warriors. Then James understood that the adventure is about fighting and protecting. He was a little scared but the fighters told him not to be scared. That day he got the locotenent rank, not the best, but better than recruit. His friends were helping him fight zombies and other night creatures. Then the boss came: Herobrine. He said:

“Who kills me will become the monster’s king”. James fought him for hours and then Herobrine just surrendered.
“Why…..?” asked James. Herobrine lost all of its powers. And James got them.
“Everyone, stop fighting!” said James. I am the lord of monsters now ! All monsters said:
“Yay , we escaped the curse of Herobrine!”  And so James continued the life as the lord of monsters and protected villages with creepers and zombies.