Little Big Planet – PSP

I really like PSP games and I intend to post here a few reviews of the ones I like the most.


Little Big Planet it’s a game like Mario but it has 3 more features. These are : 3D graphics, Level editor and character customization. It’s worth buying and I think the age reccomandation is (in my opinion) 9+ for pretty good gamers and 11+ for new PSP gamers. It costs 40 RON in Romania (£9 approx). It’s an addictive and at times very difficult to play game (especially stage 4), but it’s entertaining all the same. I reccommend it wholeheartedly. It will keep you occupied for a long time.

Pictures from the game:









2 comments on “Little Big Planet – PSP

  1. Akira Okihu says:

    Te ajută cineva cu traducerile, sau totul este scris de tine?

  2. Albert says:

    Ma mai ajuta mama cu cuvintele mai grele, restul eu dar sunt atent. Engleza am invatat pentru ca am locuit la Londra.

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